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15.-17.10.2021: Frames and Framing in Antiquity II - Sources in Contexts (Online)

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International Conference (online), Trier & Changchun

Frames and Framing in Antiquity II: Sources in Contexts - Materiality, Affordances, Entanglements, and Communicative Dynamics

The online conference Frames and Framing in Antiquity II builds on the results and discussions of the first conference (IHAC & IfDH, 16–18 October 2020) and aims at linking different ancient source materials, contexts, and actors in order to explore entanglements, communicative dynamics, and affordances of frames and framing. While ancient source categories (literary texts, inscriptions, coins, papyri/ostraca, archaeological remains) are often treated separately we seek to analyze interrelations, interdependencies, and entanglements of these sources within their respective contexts.

Based on frame and framing models from the field of sociology, psychology, and communication studies – and particularly inspired by the works of Erving Goffman, Charles Fillmore, and Marvin Minsky – we understand frames as descriptive tools to analyze how people understand, react to, and are influenced by situations and activities (frame analysis); while the phenomenon of framing assesses how individuals or institutions might use, modify, or challenge existing frameworks by creating new frames.

As methodological tool and heuristic approach, frames and framing offer the possibility to make ancient communication, discourse, and negotiation processes as well as practices visible. Hence, we see ancient sources not only as passive media but as active partners in various frame and framing processes. Ancient sources are frames with framing potential per se that link to actors producing or perceiving them, who themselves live, (re-)act, and rule their world within and through frames and framing.

Within the five panels, we will discuss the concept by looking at case-studies from ancient literature, epigraphy, numismatics, and archaeology. The keynote will be delivered by Prof Dr Alexander ZIEM (University of Düsseldorf).

There is no registration fee. Registrations are welcome and shall be sent to Prof Dr Sven Günther ( / Upon registration you will receive abstracts and/or the full papers.

The conference will be held online via zoom.

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