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30.09.-02.10.2021: Beyond Mysteries. The Hybrid History of Ancient Eleusis

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International Conference of the Cluster of Excellence “Religion and Politics”, WWU Münster

Situated at the crossroads of ancient Greek history, Eleusis was subject to changing fortunes in the world. From an Athenian perspective, Eleusis marked the fringes of their territory. From everybody else’s point of view, it was either a destination or a gateway: to Athens, the Saronic region and Aegean, Central Greece, or the Peloponnese.

The conference explores this inherent status of in-betweenness. It invites approaches that appreciate the local horizon as a sphere where different vectors of culture touch, both complementarily and conflictually, to shape a hybrid history of place; for instance, an amalgamation of diverse natural environments and different political entities; of boundedness and entanglement; imaginaries of isolation and belonging; material and immaterial expressions in culture that were in themselves fused by local, regional, and universal practices.

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Conference Center Stadthotel Münster and Zoom.
Zoomcodes available from the organizers.

Project B3-40 of the Cluster of Excellence: “Localism and Religion“ the Department of Ancient History, WWU Münster

Prof. Dr. Hans Beck, FRSC
Tel. +49 251 83-24367

PD Dr. Sebastian Scharff
Tel. +49 251 83-24358

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