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The main aim of this page is to provide special information about job offers, stipends, exhibitions, conferences etc. concerning the sientific field of Ancient Near Eastern Studies.


Access to the agade-Mailinglist

The Mailinglist of Professor Jack Sasson (Vanderbilt University) provides daily new information concerning the fields of Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Egyptology and Theology (mainly Old Testament), e.g. about job offers, stipends, recent discoveries,conferences and a lot more. This list is the main distributer of sientific information in the field Ancient Near Eastern Studies.


To subscribe in the list you have to send a blank e-mail to writing in the the subject line "subscribe agade" (without quotation marks).


Abbreviation Lists

The common abbreviation lists are listed below. The are available as link or as pdf-download.


List of the "Reallexikon der Assyriologie und Vorderasiatischen Archäologie" (On 123 pages all common abbreviations used in the field of Ancient Near Eastern Studies are listed, also abbreviations of Monographs.)

List of the "German Archaeological Institute" (DAI) (On 49 pages abbreviations mostly used in the fields of Classical and Prehistorical Archaeology are listed.)

List of the "Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI)" (On approximately 90 pages abbreviations used in the field of Assyriology, including ruling years, grammatical and textspecific abbreviations, are listed)


Stipends und Funding of Research


Do you look for information on stipends and/or funding of research? Please click here.


Conferences and Colloquia

For Information about Conferences and Colloquia on Ancient Near Eastern Studies please click here.


Jobs in Ancient Near Eastern Studies


Job offerings you can find on the Homepage of the "Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale".

Societies for Ancient Near Eastern Studies



Directories of Ancient Near Eastern Scholars and Organizations



Tools for Ancient Near Eastern Studies


         Special Fonts (the following fonts are hosted by the Hethiter-Portal Mainz)

  • The "Unicode Cuneiform Fonts" (Old-Babylonian, Hittite, Neo-Assyrian and Old Persian) of Sylvie Vanséveren for Windows and Mac you can find here.
  • The "Semiramis Unicode"-Font with a Keyboard-Layout and a Sign List for Windows, Linus and Mac of Gerfrid G. W. Müller and Alfredo Rizza you can find here.