Egyptology comprises all aspects of the pharaonic advanced civilization such as scripture and literature, art and culture, archeology, history, economics, etc. The subject also deals with the prehistory and early history of Ancient Egypt, with Nubiology as well as with Coptic language and literature. The time overlap with related areas (such as prehistory and early history, ancient history) is fluent, however Egyptology concentrates on the period between 4000 BC and 400 AD.


Egyptology in the “Scientific Information Services for Classical Studies – Propylaeum”

This topic used to be contained within the former Special Subject Collections “Egyptology” (6.21), but the University Library Heidelberg now maintains this within Propylaeum The subject is represented by Prof. Dr. Joachim Quack (Heidelberg University) on the scientific advisory board of Propylaeum.

In addition to the acquisition and provision of current research literature on this topic, the current project phase (2016-2018) the focuses on expanding publication activities in the field of Egyptology. Via the publication platforms Propylaeum-eBooks and Propylaeum-DOK, monographs, anthologies, "In 2017 two new e-journals were published in Open Access: the journal "Aegyptiaca. Journal of the History of Reception of Ancient Egypt" (dedicated to the reception of Ancient Egypt) and "CIPEG Journal: Ancient Egyptian & Sudanese Collections and Museums" (that deals with concepts and developments of Egyptological collections). For the following year a thematic portal is planned for the Ancient site of Assiut. "entire series and articles can be published online.
Furthermore, the digitization of historical literature will also be expanded, focusing on 18th–20th centuries.
In a further work package, the establishment of an Open Access aggregator will provide easy access to reviews of new publications in the field of classical studies, including new titles in Egyptology.
Additionaly, a new profile service will be established, that allows users to create (following their registration)  a portfolio allowing them to keep up-to-date on new acquisitions daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly via email or RSS feed.

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