Prof. Stephanie Moser

1. Anschrift

Prof. Stephanie Moser
Department of Archaeology
School of Humanities
University of Southampton
Southampton SO1F1BJ, UK

2. Literaturauswahl

  • Designing Antiquity. Owen Jones, Ancient Egypt and the Crystal Palace. New Haven: Yale University Press. 308pp. 2012
  • Wondrous curiosities. Ancient Egypt at the British Museum 1759- 1880. Chicago: Chicago University Press. 328pp. 2006

3. Projekte

Currently researching the representation and reception of ancient Egypt in British history paintings of the nineteenth century. Focusing in particular on the work of Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Edwin Long and Edward Poynter.

4. Arbeitsschwerpunkte

Receptions studies and Egyptomania, the depiction of ancient Egypt in visual media and museum displays, the history of the reception of ancient Egypt (particularly in Britain)