Selective Bibliography concerning the history of reception of ancient Egypt

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References marked with a star (*) are not state of research but of historic interest; References with a prefixed "#" hash are primary sources.


Research area


1) Overview



2) Methodical approach 



3) Bibliographical information 





1) Hieroglyphs


2) Wisdom


3) Hermeticism



4) Religion


5) Philosophy


6) Mysteries


7) Esotericism (see also Hermeticism, Mysteries and Alchemy) 


8) Alchemy, Magic, Astrology (see also Hermeticism and Esotericism)


9) Antiquarianism and Archeology


10) Fine Arts (see also Objects)



11) Travelogues (#Voyageurs occidentaux en Égypte)


12) Fiction/Dramatic Works 


13) Treasures


 14) Political Iconography (see also Objects)


15) Mummies


 16) Orientalism


17) Egypt and Africa


18) Geography, especially the Nile