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recensio.antiquitatis is the central index for reviews in the field of classical studies on Propylaeum. The open access review platform aggregates both print and electronic reviews in one database.

recensio.antiquitatis provides …

  • a sustainable and free publication platform for reviews in the field of classical studies,
  • an improved visibility as the book reviews are indexed in both national and international subject related databases,
  • citable and stable identifiers for all published reviews, as well as
  • a full text search option for– both print and online – reviews.

recensio.antiquitatis is part of Propylaeum and is managed by the Bavarian State Library and Heidelberg University Library. The concept and the software for the review platform have been developed by the Bavarian State Library (BSB), the University of Cologne and the Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG) Mainz for –review platform for European history and has been adapted for Propylaeum.

Reviews from classical journals

Through the publication of their review section on recensio.antiquitatis, journal editors can improve the findability and accessibility of their publications. Every journal receives its own page with general information on the content, the publication frequency, as well as the contact details for further information. The review sections can be published as a pre-print or a post-print – independently of whether the content is already available online and/or in print format.

Publishing reviews

Classical scholars have the possibility to publish their reviews directly on recensio.antiquitatis, free of charge. If you are interested and want to know, whether your texts are suitable for the open access review platform recensio.antiquitatis, then do contact us.

Metadata and citability

The single reviews are complemented by the Bavarian State Library and Heidelberg University Library with further metadata amongst others on the reviewed text (keywords, Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) on time, place and subject). All reviews also receive citable DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers).

Long term archiving and indexing in national and international databases

The Bavarian State Library and Heidelberg University Library guarantee for the long term archiving of reviews as well as that they are indexed in library catalogues as well as overall search engines, such as PropylaeumSEARCH, the Bibliotheksverbund Bayern (BVB), the Southwestern German Library Network (SWB), the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog (KVK), the open access search engine BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine), as well as shortly in further international catalogues, such as WorldCat. The reviews naturally are also searchable via Google and Google Scholar.

Open Access

recensio.antiquitatis is committed to the principles of Open Access and aims at the idea of web 2.0. You are very welcome to download and distribute all content offered on the platform within the limits of copyright restrictions.

Searching for reviews

An advanced search function provides users the option to cross search the four review publication platforms –, recensio.regio and recensio.artium, recension.antiquitatis – with one search.

If you are an editor of a classical journal and want to make your reviews more easily accessible, or if you want to publish your reviews online, then contact us.