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Anzeiger für die Altertumswissenschaft

Founded in 1947, the "Anzeiger für die Altertumswissenschaft" is published by the "Institut für Sprachen und Literaturen, Bereich Gräzistik/Latinistik" of the University of Innsbruck and is one of the leading review journals in the field of Classics. Its focus is on new books from the German-speaking area. In addition to reviews, research reports on individual authors and subject areas are also published.

The Anzeiger für die Altertumswissenschaft focuses primarily on the academic book market in the German-speaking world and aims to give its readers as comprehensive a picture as possible of the corresponding publication landscape. This is linked to the endeavour to increase the visibility of German-language publications within the international academic community. To facilitate access to the contents of the journal, it has been published in digital form with free access (open access) since 2020.

  • Editorial
    Simon M. Zuenelli
  • Online publication platform
    Digitale Bibliothek Universität Inssbruck
  • Publication frequency
    Vier Hefte im Jahr


Ass.-Prof. Dr. Simon Zuenelli
Redaktion „Anzeiger für die Altertumswissenschaft“
Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck
Institut für Klassische Philologie und Neulateinische Studien
Langer Weg 11
6020 Innsbruck


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