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Archäologische Informationen

The "Archäologische Informationen" are published and edited by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte (DGUF). They appear once per year. Every issue has a section with reviews primarily on titles from the field of European prehistory and early history as well as egyptology and classical archaeology.

The Archäologische Informationen is a scientific journal by the DGUF and appear once a year parallel online and in print. Every issue has a “current topic” from the field of pre- and early history as well as European medieval archaeology. Besides the section on current topics every issue holds essays, minutes and reviews.

The Archäologische Informationen are accessible free of charge and in open access via Propylaeum-ejournals. The reviews have additionally been added to recensio.antiquitatis where they are linked to the reviewed text and are full text searchable alongside other classical reviews. The PDF-files and the full text can be accessed direct through the ejournal.

  • Editors
    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte PD Dr. Frank Siegmund, Dr. Werner Schön, Diane Scherzler M.A.
  • Publisher
    DGUF e. V.
  • Online publication platform
  • ISSN
    Print: 0341-2873
    Internet: 2197-7429
  • Publication frequency
    Once per year


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