Egyptology and Anthropology: Historiography, theoretical exchange, and conceptual development

25. 07. 2017

- 26. 07. 2017

Großbritannien, Cambridge



Tagungssprache: Englisch

Geographischer Bezug: Ägypten

Berichtszeitraum: Frühgeschichte / Antike


"This symposium will explore some of the recent developments in the use of anthropological theory in Egyptology, critically examining the advances such methods can offer to the understanding of a variety of Egyptian material, what potential problems the encounter between traditionally separate academic traditions may bring, and what contribution Egyptology may offer debate in the broader social sciences. We encourage scholars from a variety of sub-disciplines (including those that traditionally have had little interaction with anthropology or Egyptology) to share their research, to facilitate a broad-based conversation about the place of anthropological theory in Egyptology and its future direction."