Egyptology Graduate Conference at Brown University

11. 11. 2017

Providence, Brown University

USA, Providence



Tagungssprache: Englisch

Geographischer Bezug: Ägypten

Berichtszeitraum: Frühgeschichte / Antike


"The Egyptology Graduate Conference will provide an arena for all graduate students (from any academic institution worldwide) to present their research to one another in an academic but relaxed environment, allowing graduate students from different universities to get to know one another and the types of research being carried out at other academic institutions. It will provide a space for students to practice giving conference talks to an unfamiliar audience but without the academic pressure and size of formal conferences, and will provide a forum for constructive feedback and discussion about both the research presented and the presentation itself, all whilst exchanging research and ideas among peers. This conference aims to foster the professional development of young scholars and bring emerging Egyptologists into conversation with one another."