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Are you searching for a technical platform for your digital image collection?

One of the University Library Heidelberg’s services in Propylaeum to classical scholars worldwide is the provision of technical infrastructure for the publication and archiving of digital image collections.

Image data and multimedia objects are among the most important working tools within the fast growing field of digital humanities. With heidICON Propylaeum provides a digital and interdisciplinary image and multimedia repository customized for the requirements of the respective file formats.

heidICON is based on the software easydb developed by the company programmfabrik (Berlin). As a result of migration to the new software "easydb 5.x" heidICON will be reorganized from an image oriented assessment to a hierarchical and object oriented data storage following the international Standard LIDO (Lightweight Information Describing Objects). This data model was created by the Working Group Data Harvesting and Interchange, a task force of the International Committee on Documentation (CIDOC). Apart from a significant improvement of the search options based on search engine technology and a more modern user interface, easydb 5.x includes a completely revised authorization concept. In future, it will be possible to control all of heidICON’s functions via an extensive application program interface (API).

heidICON also serves as an aggregator data base connecting national and international research reference tools such as  prometheus, Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (DDB) orr Europeana.

At the University Library Heidelberg we offer introductions to heidICON, its use, functions and working

Examples for image collections on heidICON:

If you are interested in the provision and archiving of existing digital image collections or are planning a related project, do not hesitate to contact us.


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