Digital Books in the field of Classical Studies by Request

You are looking for a digitized release of a publication in the field of Classical Studies? Give us a tip and we check if we can digitize the title for you. This service ist free of charge! Please send an email containing your digitization request to Dr. Maria Effinger or to Dr. Philipp Weiß and include precise information concerning the title. Requests can also be made by this webform provided by the Bavarian State Library.

  • Books that are in the public domain, i.e. whose authors have been dead for more than 70 years.
  • You yourself are the author and assign the simple right of use for digitization of an essay or a monograph to us. If applicable the copyright has to be checked with the publisher.
  • Other works, but only if the copyright has been verified with the author and the publisher.

We are happy to support you with copyright matters.


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