Digital Editions

Are you looking for a technical platform for your digital edition?

Propylaeum supports classical scholars worldwide by providing text and image corpora for published editions. The University Library Heidelberg provides its technical infrastructure and its digital editing module for publishing digitized source material online. The aim is – among others –to use current standards for text and image markups and to enable personalized annotations and commentaries.

The main features of the visualization of editing processes as well as of the normalization and annotation of texts are already available. In future, they will come into effect in the synoptic display, in which transcriptions and editions will be displayed side by side, making it possible to compare them more easily. Furthermore, it is planned to make the edited version available, not only in HTML, but also in PDF format and as e-book.

One first example is the TEI-based edition of the  "Heidelberger Papyrussammlung – digital", which is a joint project of the University Library Heidelberg and the  Heidelberger Institut für Papyrologie. The scientifically highly relevant collection comprises about 10,500 exhibits of papyri, parchments, cotton papers and ostraca from Egypt which are presented through the joint project and according to modern standards. Additionally, all pieces are linked to records of the

Furthermore, the online editions of the correspondences of “Theodor and Marie Mommsen” as well as of “Ulrich and Ulrike von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff” are being prepared in the context of a joint project between the University of Bern (Prof. Dr. Stefan Rebenich, Historical Institute, Ancient History and History of the Reception of Antiquity). This project is funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation. Based on these correspondences the paradigmatic reconstruction of a bourgeois (bildungsbürgerlich) family of scholars shall be worked out and their familial as well as social relationships, their means of communication, their political and ideological views and the role of female actors shall be analysed.

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