Are you looking for a way to publish your ebook??

The open access platform Propylaeum-eBooks offers classical scholars worldwide a way to quickly publish their academic ebooks.
We can help you share your research findings in using an open access model, either “golden path” (initial publication as open access) or “green path” (an initially non-open access book switched to an open access model). We offer this service to classical scholars worldwide.
For this, the open source software OMP (Open Monograph Press) of the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is being used.
Propylaeum-eBooks is the open access publication platform of Propylaeum, the Specialized Information Service for Classical Studies funded by the DFG and maintained by the University Library Heidelberg.

The principles Propylaeum-eBooks adheres to are:

  • the primary publishing model of Propylaeum-eBooks is open access online publication in a range of different digital formats.
  • in addition to freely accessible digital formats, Propylaeum-eBooks offers to publish printed books (print on demand) that then can be obtained in bookshops or the book trade, liable to costs.
  • monographs and anthologies of all subject fields of classical studies are published.
  • the most important criterion for a publication in Propylaeum-eBooks is that it meets academic quality standards. This should be guaranteed by reviewers’ recommendations or, in the case of academic series, by the respective editors.
  • books published on Propylaeum-eBooks receive a DOI and their own ISBN. Thus, they can be referenced permanently. Book series furthermore receive an ISSN.

If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. It does not matter if your open access ebook is still in a planning stage, or if an already existing print version of the book or series is to be converted into an electronic publication.