AegeaNet is the most important email discussion list focused on the pre-classical Aegean world.  Founded in 1993 at the Duke University by  John Younger is now operated from the University of Kansas. The email list with over 800 members offers the possibliy for the discussion of new approaches of research and actual research results.

Aegeus - Society of Aegean Prehistory

Aegeus is a well established communication platform for scientists in the field of Aegean Archaeology. The platform provides the thematic exchange and the scientific cooperation. Furthermore on the platform you can find new publications on Aegean Archaeology, generates Call of Papers or informs about jobs and planned projects.


IDAP - International Directory of Aegean Prehistorians

This search engine is part of the NESTOR bibliography. It contains data on prestigious researchers and scientists in the field of Aegean prehistory and Bronze Age Archaeology.