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Thought, Image, and the Mairing of Social Worlds

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11. bis 13. Juli 2019

Institut für archäologische Wissenschaften

Archäologische Sammlung

Universität Freiburg

Opening Lecture: Carlo Severi 11 th of July, HS 1199, KG I, 18: 15

An international conference of archaeologists, anthropologists, epigraphers, historians, and art historians will explore how thought is externalised in material forms and images, across the broad sweep of human history, how images work to generate systems of knowledge distinct from language or text, and how these may co-exist wich script, how comparative scudy of image systems throws into doubt distinctions berween 'informal' vs. 'formal' mathematics, or 'oral' vs. 'literare' societies, - how images are integral to the making and modelling of human social worlds.

Organization: David Wengrow Registration: Silvia Rußig
We kindly ask for registration in advance.

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