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Tagung/Conference: Urban Space in Historical Geography: Collective Perception and Territoriality

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International Conference
University of Eichstätt, 16-18 March 2020
Senatssaal, Ostenstraße 26, 85072 Eichstätt

Urban Space in Historical Geography: Collective Perception and Territoriality

16 March:

Opening of the Conference

17:00-17:30  Welcome: Michael Rathmann (University of Eichstätt) – Mariachiara Angelucci (AvH –University of Eichstätt)

17:30-18:30  Keynote speaker: Daniela Dueck (University of Bar-Ila): Pictorial Space and Verbal Landscaping in Strabo – Beyond Urban Territoriality

17 March:

9:00-9:15  Wolfang Thiel, Head of Research Service Center of the University of Eichstätt

Panel I: Strabo and the Urban Space
Chair: Anca Dan (ENS, Paris)

9:15-10:00  Mariachiara Angelucci (AvH – University of Eichstätt): Key Stages in Urban Settlements: Birth and Death of Cities in Strabo’s Geography

10:00-10:45  Alexandra Trachsel (University of Hamburg): Urban Spaces from Myths to Villages: Comparing Strabo's Account on Thebes and Troy

Chair: Veronica Bucciantini (University of Florence)

10:45-11:30  Encarnación Castro-Páez (University of Malaga): Δυναμέναι καὶ ὀνομαστοτάται πόλεις. Définir les villes dans le Livre III de Strabon

11:30-12:15  Gonzalo Cruz Andreotti (University of Malaga): Etnia y ciudad en la geografía antigua

Panel II: Perception of Space and Territoriality in Antiquity
Chair: Frank Daubner (University of Trier)

14:30-15:15  Anca Dan (ENS, Paris): Polis Hellenis: a Key-Notion for the Definitions of Ancient Hellenism

15:15-16:00  Serena Bianchetti (University of Florence): Die Rolle der städtischen Zentren in der alexandrinischen Karte

16:00-16:45  Monika Schuol (University of Eichstätt): Von der Herrscherresidenz in die Provinz: Konstruktionen städtischer Räume auf der Tabula Peutingeriana

Chair: Bardo Gauly (University of Eichstätt)

17:15-18:00  Ekaterina Ilyushechkina (RSUH/RANEPA, Moscow): Space of Archaic Rome in the Geography of Gaius Iulius Solinus

18:00-18:45  Javier Francisco Gómez Espelosín (University of Alcalá de Henares): The Lost Urban Topographies in the Historians of Alexander the Great

18 March:

Panel III: Urban Space in Ancient and Modern Times
Chair: Ekaterina Ilyushechkina (RSUH/RANEPA, Moscow)

9:00-9:45  Anna Ginestí Rosell (University of Eichstätt): Stadt vs. Land im Erotikos von Plutarch

9:45-10:30  Irene Madreiter (University of Innsbruck): The City as Female Body: Feminizations of Urban Space in Ancient Visual and Textual Media

Chair: Mariachiara Angelucci (AvH - University of Eichstätt)

10:45-11:30  Fabio Minazzi (University of Insubria): The City as an Ideal Principle of History According to Carlo Cattaneo

11:30-12:15  Giuseppe Muti (University of Insubria): Commerce, tourisme et industrie: la territorialisation contestée de la ville de Côme

12:15-13:00  Anke Breitung (University of Eichstätt): Atmospheres, Situations, Feelings – Re|Thinking Urban Space from a Neo-phenomenological Perspective

13:00  Mariachiara Angelucci (University of Eichstätt): Conclusions

Scientific Director: Mariachiara Angelucci (AvH - University of Eichstätt) /

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