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No (e)scape? Towards a Relational Archaeology of Man, Nature, and Thing in the Aegean Bronze Age

Avatar of Katrin Bemmann Katrin Bemmann - 15. September 2017 - Call for papers

23–25 March 2018

No (e)scape?
Towards a Relational Archaeology of Man, Nature, and Thing in the Aegean Bronze Age

Call for Papers

Imagine Minoan culture without seals, Cycladic people without ships, or Mycenaeans without megara.
Human culture is the product of a continuous interaction of man and his relational surroundings. Progress and innovation arise from handling conflicts posed by human necessities and environmental preconditions. It is not only the human manipulation of the natural surroundings, but also nature itself that affects man and, ultimately, societies. Environmental factors such as different “scapes” (landscapes, seascapes, mountainscapes etc.), resources, flora and fauna as well as the built environment (such as townscapes), inevitably influence human actions and form conditions, from which man cannot easily “escape”.
Novel theoretical models in archaeology and the social sciences such as human-animal studies, affordance theory, and materiality will contribute to the understanding that man is not necessarily the only factor in forming his inhabited “scape”, but only a piece of the puzzle. In the light of these perspectives, this conference aims to shed more light on the mutual interference of human actors, nature, and things – all the while considering the property of the former to trigger capacities of agency in the latter. We therefore would like to invite all interested graduate archaeologists (Master students and PhD candidates) to present their thoughts and views on various aspects regarding the influence of the environment on humans and vice versa.
This conference provides a platform for graduate students with a focus on the Aegean Bronze Age to present their research and theories within its theoretical framework.

Conference Language
The conference will be held in English. Accordingly, all papers need to be submitted in English.

The accommodation of the speakers in Heidelberg will be provided throughout the duration of the conference (23–25 March 2018). If you wish to stay longer or arrive earlier, feel free to contact us and we will help find a solution. Please note that travel expenses need to be covered by the attendants.

In order to participate at the conference, please apply by sending us the filled form below alongside an abstract of no more than 300 words and 3-4 keywords by October 15th 2017 to
Oral presentations should not exceed 30 minutes each. Due to the limitation of speaking time at the conference, some proposals will be accepted as poster presentations.

Organizing Committee
Dionyssis Antypas, Nasser Ayash, Giouli Chatzina, Franziska Fritzsche, Diana Wolf

Please submit your application electronically to or via mail to
Institut für Klassische Archäologie
Marstallhof 4
69117 Heidelberg

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