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Call for Papers: AG Römerzeit on "Roman Trade"

Avatar of Philipp Weiss Philipp Weiss - 13. Februar 2020 - Call for papers

10th German Archaeology Congress
Kiel, 20-27 September 2020

AG Römerzeit on "Roman Trade", 23. -24. September 2020

"Trade" is considered an economic activity with the intention of making a profit. This includes manufacturing or processing activities in the craft sector as well as various services. We would like to put these everyday and nevertheless partly elusive aspects of Roman life up for discussion. Although the spectrum of topics should be as broad as possible, we would like to deliberately exclude the fields of pottery production and pottery trade.

At the 10th German Archaeological Congress in Kiel, the session AG Römerzeit will focus on the following aspects of Roman trade:

Features, finds and scientific analyses: How and on the basis of which characteristics does a feature indicate Roman trade? Which finds can be assigned to a trade and can they be used to specify features? In which cases can natural sciences be consulted?

Workshop structures and sizes: Which written sources and archaeological references attest the size and structure of enterprises? Can conclusions be drawn about the number of employees, production volume, sales and trade etc.? In which cases is it possible to reconstruct work processes from the archaeological features?

Localization of trade: It is generally assumed that workshops which posed a high fire hazard or which otherwise "disturbed" their surroundings (smell, noise,…) are located on the edge of a settlement. Does the current state of research support this hypothesis? Where are workshops located and are there differences in the localization of different industries?

Resource extraction: The extraction of resources, be it raw materials for the products themselves or materials for the production process, is trade specific. Does the process of resource extraction influence the choice of location and how is the procurement of resources structured?

Sales and markets: How and in what form can the chain "producer - retailer - recipient" be retraced? Can different distribution systems for commercial end products be identified? Which businesses moved into the vicinity of potential customers and where did it work the other way round?

Position in society: An interesting question will also be what position the different traders had in society. Did some trades offer the possibility to climb up the social ladder or to reach a certain status? As at the last meeting of the WSVA of the AG Römerzeit, we will pursue an interdisciplinary approach.

Speakers from all fields of archaeology, natural sciences and ancient history are cordially invited to present their research and current projects on this topic.

Abstract length: 500 characters
Length of talk: 15 - max. 20 min.

Please submit the abstracts to the speakers of the AG Römerzeit to:

At the Kiel congress there will be the possibility to present posters. If you would like to present your thesis or project on other topic of provincial Roman or Roman research within this framework, you are also cordially invited to submit posters.

In particular, we would like to address our young colleagues with this congress in order to further develop networks among the university sector and research institutes.

Information on past conferences of the AG Römerzeit can be found at the following address:

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